A Skip, Bounce and Jump Away!

Although what I'm going away from I'm not sure…

Summer Break! Wooooo!

on May 25, 2012

Yay! It’s Summer Break (yes, that deserves capital letters). That makes me unbelievably happy, for multiple reasons.

One of which is that I am out of the middle school I was teaching in. I have discovered that middle school is not my calling. No, I’ve always maintained that it takes a special kind of  person to deal with middle schoolers and that I am not one of those. I still maintain that belief. I was glad for the teaching job. I was definitely glad for the money and the experience. I, however, am also glad that I discovered that middle school is not for me before I did something like, say, accept a permanent job and be completely unhappy or something like that. No, middle school is not for me, and honestly, I’m glad to leave most of those kids behind.

And it’s Summer Break, which means I can do that! Yay!

I have a few plans for the summer. One is to go to Hama-con, a small three-day anime convention which is June 1st through June 3rd with my sister, Anya, and to meet two of my friends, a brother-sister pair, Stephanie and Kirk, up there. Totally going all three days. Even got it worked out with the praise team at church so I’m not singing that Sunday. Another thing planned is to help out with VBS (Vacation Bible School) at church, which I believe is the following week after Hama-con. I’ll be handling Pre-school missions and..hm…suppose I better take a look at that stuff….The only other big thing to do this summer as far as fun goes is at the library I used to work out. Basically Stephanie has it set up as a anime con all summer. There will be a different activity to do each week and a different theme. It’s going to be a blast. She has me doing one of the panels too! I’ll be making Spam Musubi, which is like, the only thing I can cook. I’m hoping to be able to go each week to whatever Stephanie has planned, but well, we’ll have to wait and see.

As far as little plans go, I plan to renew my Pinterest addiction, and perhaps my Polyvore one too. I also plan on editing out my NaNoWriMo novel more and working on the development of my fantasy world. I also want to work on writing a Hetalia Civil War fic–I’m sorry, but I’m tired of stories that portray the Confederacy as evil. It drives me up the wall. I’m going to write a more balanced story with more of the actual history of what went into the Civil War. Just to satisfy myself, if nothing else–and I’d like to try drawing in a few more styles. I want to expand on what I can already do.

However, all of this is going to be severely hampered by a couple of things. One is a job hunt. I need a job. I really need a job (preferably not in middle school). And to get a job putting myself out there is important. I’m going to need to drive around and drop off resumes and meet people and all of that good stuff. It’ll take a chunk of time. The other thing that is going to take up a lot of my time is the intense cleaning I’m about to get thrown into. Goody for us, we’re buying my Grandmother’s place and its flat-out nasty. According to my father, over there, cleaning, is where I’m going to spend most of my time. Oh yay. (<–note sarcasm). I really don’t want to move in down there, nor do I want to clean it. However, it seems that I will have no choice.

On the other hand, I do tend to get into interesting things when I clean. I had to clean the classroom today, for instance, and with all the dust stirring up, my allergies, no medical mask, and a cutesy bandana well, I ended up like this:

That’s right. I am Allison Breaker, AKA,  Strawberry Breaker. First I clean you up, then I clean you out.

(I do actually have hair there. It’s just pulled back with a clip and thus you cannot see it)

One time at Grandmother’s I ended up with an old t-shirt wrapped around my head and hair while I squirmed nearly my whole body between the shelves in her kitchen cabinets cleaning out old food, spider webs and my gosh at the rat crap I cleaned out that day.

So yeah. That’s how my summer seems to be shaping up to be. How about yours?

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